Share the details of your business model to allow us to produce the perfect AD campaign or editorial spread for your brand. If we have went over some of these questions before, let's take the time out to revisit these key elements so our team members can have the full overview of your business plan. This information will be used to determine the best ad campaign for your brand as well as what strategies we'll use to connect with your target market.

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Target Market
Describe the lifestyle of your customers.
Who is already buying your product? What is their age, sex, lifestyle and education status?
Positioning Statement
Offerings, pricing, distribution and communications.
What is the brand currently marketing to the target market described earlier in this questionnaire?
What is the average price range for your products or services?
Do you offer promotional discounts? *
Distribution Channels *
What are your current distribution channels?
What platform are you currently using to communicate your message?
Situational Analysis
Creative Flow
What is your perfect idea ad, what would it look like and what would you want to have happen from the ad?
Have you even advertise your brand in print media before?
Email us ( a snap shot of the products that you would like to promote in your campaign. Also, attached your brands logo. Thanks.