In 2017, BLACKGOLDVAPE hit the scene as the newest brand to join a growing cannabis market embracing alternative cannabis consumption with vapes and edibles. Owned and operated by people of color, BLACKGOLDVAPE sheds light on the millennial movers, shakers, and consumers involved in the industry. Cannabis events have also connected the brand to popular New York emcees and influencers in the music industry including Cassidy, Hell Rell, Lil Cease, and Jada Kiss.

Based out of New York City, the BLACKGOLDVAPE brand is inspired by Egyptian Culture, high-end appeal, and everything gold. The brand licenses their product to medical and recreational dispensaries in America. Strains include Sherbert, Pineapple Express, Bubble Gum, Green Apple, GSC, Strawberry Diesel, Platinum Kush, Passion Fruit, Gorilla Glue. Heavy puffers and lightweights can enjoy the 800mg of concentrated 4xs distillate cannabis oil that comes in smooth; delicious strains and amazing flavors. As of late, BLACKGOLDVAPE has included a decadent milk chocolate covered hazelnut that comes in sets of 3, 6, and 12.

Vape color/style:

Their one-hitters aren't like the flimsy plastic ones that you’ll just want to throw away in the garbage after your use. The simplicity of the gold standard one hit vape makes it perfect for a discrete and sleek experience. Perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle, the gold standard is 100% recyclable and fully charged out of the package. The long-lasting vape holds up to 250 puffs and will indicate a light at the bottom.


Inspired by Egyptian Culture, one-hitters or disposables come in an attractive all gold package shaped like a pyramid and adorned with the ancient Kemetian symbol of Heru, the son of Osiris.

If you’re looking for a long-term puff that you can recycle, there are two options; the “Palm Air,” and Bullion Kit — packed in a gold brick like container including an all black and gold adorned rechargeable for 4 hitters.


Solvent-free resin and terpenes from the Indica sherbet strain bring a mellow and clean flavor to the palette. There's a hint of sweetness after a pull, almost like tasting a piece of candy. Flavors are dependent on supply. The smoothness is hands down a top contender to other high-end vapes.

Keep up with BLACKGOLDVAPE’s distribution at your nearest dispensary and follow them on Instagram @blackgoldvape