Splash Paradise Revolution @SplashParadise

Splash Paradise is a new wave in Hip Hop from Chicago, comprised of uniquely talented and positive-minded youth of Chicago. The people of Splash Paradise are freethinking, free being and colorful inside and out. It was founded by Brad Lutat nearly a month ago and is ran by Sean Mies, COO; AJ Vassen, CFO; Roy French, Creative Director; and DJ Earn Money, Production Manager/Co-Creative Director.  They already have thrown a few shows, showcasing numerous Chicago artists. If you weren’t celebrating 4th of July at Splash Paradise’s Pre-Soak, you missed one of the hottest shows/cookouts/parties thus far! The day was spent with nothing but good vibes, sounds by DJ Earn Money and DJ ELZ, drinks served by the ladies of Splash Paradise, delicious food, and water gun fights splashin’ everywhere. That’s not all though, because what would a party be without performances? Nothing! We all got to enjoy some of the hottest Chicago talents which included Netherfriends, White Gzus, Jinx the Natural, Roy French, New Deal Crew, and Tmthy Trtl and you know they got the crowd hyped up!  If you missed out on the fun, don’t worry, they have a lot more in store not only for the summer, but for months to come! Let the sounds drip and become consumed by the Hip Hop of the future.

Follow them on social media at @SplashParadise to stay updated with any upcoming events! 



Video by Aztek Samurai from New Breed

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Iridium Life in WICKER PARK @iridium077

Iridium’s CEO, Platinum, has some of the hottest talent in Chicago apart of his team including AJ Peace (Global Sales Rep), Black RalphyL (International Ambassador), and Pug Atomz (Creative Director). His clothing has been seen on artists Jaymal Green, Chance the Rapper, Jinx the Natural, Ace da Vinci,  Don Perrion, and Stunt Taylor, just to name a few. The new store is located at 1330 N. Milwaukee Ave., make sure to pop out some time, check out the unique and creative clothing, jewelry, and accessories, show Iridium some love and shop! Follow them on social media at @IridiumLife and @Iridium.Inc for updates, sales, and promotions!


The freshest model and talent agency in Melbourne - J&R Management had their LAUNCH PARTY  last weekend and we were front row to see all the action. Co Directors  Rebecca Townsing and Justin Khoo represented their talent through dance performance, singing, and a super pumped up runway show. If you want to know more about J&R MANAGEMENT and how you can be represented get in tune with them via their website and FACEBOOK page. 

L11 Headliner show at The Abby

On May 7th, a new artist by the name of L11 headlined the Abby Pub and shared the stage with many other promising Chicago artist.

L11 is a new artist in Chicago, but being a new comer didn't stop her from throwing a mini concert at the Abby. Aarun Simon, ME!, Just Chris, Ace da Vinci and Dj Royal all shared the stage and gave heavy set performances. With more than half of the perfomers having Smartmouf affiliations, the showcase had a very family feel, and a very smokey smell.

The Showcase was a celebration of L11 first EP which features eight unique tracks. The show had a mix of talented artist rocking the stage, and the DJ having fun between sets, how many shows have you been to where they randomly stop to do the Cha Cha Slide? In any case we can all expect great things from L11 in the near future. Check out her New EP!

Iridium X Era Galleries = Fashion Excellence


Wednesday, November 26th, also the day before thanksgiving. A time of sharing and cooking, a time for most to return home to their family and communicate their love towards one another. The underground fashion world however has waited for this day in long anticipation for one of the flyest Chicago brands to showcase their fall-winter lineup. It was an especially cold day in the city of Chicago on that day, snow was coming down, drivers becoming more and more reckless with each long wait at a light, but all who went knew that this event was well worth the time and energy to get there. This event was in celebration of Iridium's one year anniversary being at their store located at 108 N state st, they were in collaboration with Era Galleries; a fresh new resource for talented Chicago artist to get exposure for their work.


When I walked in the building it felt like I was in Harlem NYC! The walls leading into the space were decorated with graffiti, free coat check, then you walk through a spacious hallway, art pieces hanging on the walls that leads into a huge space that feels like Andy Warhol' s Factory. There was an open bar on the second floor and first, and their were servers passing around the most delicious hor'douves one has ever had the pleasure of tasting. The First floor was lit with an eerie red light, the stairs that led to the second floor was one giant graffiti piece while the second floor was lit with a dark blue light; all of it blasting with classic hip hop. The vibe was chill, some danced most socialized.

 Among the faces I glanced by were hip hop artist Ace da Vinci, Roy French, and one of Chicago's most talented photographers, Kohl Murdock. The runway show started a little after ten, then after that most people started to turn up. Level Up got to Interview the CEO of Iridium, Platinum. When asked what the brand is going to do next he said "we look forward to creating new products for our audiences to enjoy."

Level Up Team Member Jon Veal with Platinum

Level Up Team Member Jon Veal with Platinum

There was also a raffle, hosted by Era. All proceeds of the raffle went to a program entitled "Initiate Art." Its goal is to "Revitalize the community (Englewood) outlook by providing a creative outlet through various art forms" which includes spoken word, painting, design and videography lessons. Congratulations to Iridium for their enduring progress, most small businesses fail within a year, not only is Iridium not failing, but they are becoming one of the most respected clothing brands to have its roots based in the beautiful city of Chicago. 

"BlackMale" Video screening

Friday November 7th, a handful of people in the media industry were chosen to screen The Boy Illinois new music video entitled “Blackmale”. The song features heavy hitter legends Trae The Truth and Twista. I was a little surprised, usually when an artist is releasing a video they choose a venue such as a bar, club, sometimes even someone’s house however this release took place downtown at the prestigious Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel. The event was produced by Swank Publishing who came well represented, bringing their event strategist, project manager, art director, publicist and videographer. Among guest were representatives from Donda’s House,  Windy City Underground, Goill.net and a few other prominent media outlets known for supporting the Underground scene of hip hop. Wasn’t long before The Boy Illinois walked in, greeted all the guest and began explaining the artistic vision behind the video. He started with the title, “Blackmale” is a play on words because all who were involved in the video are black males, and each have been blackmailed while in the music industry. The video was shot by Alvin Elmore and it takes place in Chicago and Houston. The video stems from The Boy Illinois new project called “New Age Colonialism.” The Boy Illinois was recently on tour with one of his hero’s Lupe Fiasco and says “It was truly an incredible experience.” The Boy Illinois had started his interest in music when he was eleven, and became very serious about it when he became seventeen. He originally attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign but dropped out around the age of twenty two so he could pursue music full time. Now He debuts a feature with two of the most renowned names not just in the underground scene, but in all of hip hop. We were able to Skype in Trae the Truth who talked about the organic nature of the project and how everything came together very smooth.  To my surprise I learned that his entire verse on the song was a freestyle! The music video looked great, the song is a hit and The Boy Illinois is just getting started.


It was October 4th unusually mundane.  Most people wanted to go home, put their feet up and drink hot chocolate. However, in the midst of the mediocrity of most, was the opportunity for others. 7:30 at Blues Heaven located on south Michigan avenue, an Independent film called “Mildsauce” made its world premiere.

When walking into the room, an instant peaceful vibe came over you, if you happened to glance around the room you might think you were in the Harlem Renaissance! There were writers, artists, producers, graphic designers, photographers and singers all sharing their work and waiting in anticipation for the premiere. The Film was shot by upcoming director and owner of the “Radical Rebels” production company Marlon Hulett. The film starred upcoming underground artist Chai Tulani, head of the Soul Rebels movement who when asked about how this film began said “It started as a promotional video for cloud high vibes, it just kinda grew into a short film.” Artist $tevie adam$, another member of the Soul Rebels movement said “I’m surprised at the turnout, originally it was supposed to be just close friends and cast members.” At approximately 8:30 pm the show began, but before the film, Chai Tulani released a music video called “It’s You.”

The video stood out because it was very cinematic. Shortly after the music video they released “Mildsauce” a comedy that follows artist Chai Tulani as he goes around the city looking for his hat. The review of the film was very high, popular underground artists such as Daryn Alexus, Arjaye Jeter and socialite Brittany Middlebrooks aka Miss Illinois 2014 all were in attendance. In a way, the event itself is the philosophy of the Soul Rebel Movement, young professionals all working together to further themselves for the sake of Art. Chai Tulani says there is no mixtape coming out at the moment, but he will be releasing a few singles over the next few months, and to check out his last mixtape “Cloud High Vibes” which happens to be the soundtrack of the film. The underground scene of Chicago is clearly thriving, and this definitely won’t be the last film that the Soul Rebels and the Radical Rebels release. 


A Chilling Release

October 31st, downtown Chicago at The Music Garage, and it’s snowing… As I looked on the streets, the town was barely alive, it was Halloween! People usually wild out during this holiday but the weather seemed to keep most at bay. Well, most were, but as always, art never sleeps. Rank Jenson is a relatively new artist to the game, releasing his first mixtape but his show definitely opened up some eyes and truly illuminated his range of talents, most notably his great performance. The event was lit with a red dim light, I assume to give an ominous tone given the date, but all in attendance were artists, close friends, family and Chicago socialites. The Event was packed with artists $tevie Adam$, Red Bella, Chai Tulani, Tevin Deshawn, and Arjaye Jeter. The vibe became more and more hype as each artist took to the stage. Rank Jenson said, “I think it was a good turnout despite the bad weather, nothing but good vibes.” Jenson sees himself as an indie artist and his music taste he says "isn’t your typical hip hop," even though he loves and respects the classics, he listens to a lot of alternative music. His goal is to continue to release music and build more and more respect as a Chicago artist. The event was wrapped up at about 11pm with a costume contest. Nothing particular shady or spooky happened, well- besides the fact that it was snowing!

@ERAGalleries & @iridium077 Team up for a night of music, fashion, and art.

@ERAGalleries & @iridium077 Team up for a night of music, fashion, and art.

November 26 @ 7:00 pm - November 27 @ 12:00 am

ERA Galleries and Iridium Clothing Co. team up for a night of music, fashion, and art.

Iridium will be showcasing their upcoming fashion lines as well as celebrating their One Year Anniversity.

Showcasing Iridium’s Newest Fashion Line

Music From Both Sides

Chicago Dj’s: Buhay, Broadway, Earn Money, Smoko Ono

High-Energy Environment

Naked Creativity 2 | @IKGODB @ROYFRENCH @HYPeractivity @

 October 24th at The Silver Room in Wicker Park, the whole underground movement came together to do one thing, Turn Up! The Silver Room is a unique store with vintage Album covers, custom jewelry, and small child sized paintings with bold colors on the walls.  On Friday the 24th they became Host to Artist such as, DJ Finesse, Ek the Poet, Plain Dave, Lou Era, Hyype and many more. As I approached the event, there was a line to get in, when observing the people going in I saw Chicago socialites, Models, Artist, Producers and regular people who just happen to be rocking their favorite Jordans and Obey strap backs. As I went around the spacious well lit room I was hit hard in the ear by classic hits by Mf Doom, Jay Z and Drake courtesy Of DJ Finesse.

I took a peek out back to find nothing but walls painted bright with graffiti  and people chilling, and  networking . Wow, just wow. Artist everywhere, great tunes playing, photographers already snapping like the paparazzi. All of  Wicker Park, which is known for its indie and hipster persona, took note that this was the spot to be. The event started at 8:30 by a poetry reading by our host, Ek the Poet. After that, Artist after Artist, Plain Dave, Lou Era, Af Quatro, Jay 2, Hyype, Ishamael Raps, one by one took over the stage. All manner of musicians showed their skills, Violinist, DJ’s, Producers, Hype men, Rappers, everyone brought something unique and different to the show. Scene’s like this are not new to any of us, but they’re not super popular either. 

It is not a college party, nor a huge concert in Millennium park. This is the nature and essence of the underground Hip Hop World, the mysterious subculture that has bread artist such as MF Doom, Chance the Rapper, Even Kanye West. Members of 8effect said “Underground is the mainstream". Popular music, but not Pop music.” Evey Nicole Blogger for Kreative Junkies said “The underground movement is complete freedom in your creativity. Artist here have you truly  think about the music.” Evey Nicole is a believer that this is the rise of the Chicago Artist movement, as does Cole Bennett, Owner of Lyrical Lemonade and Co-producer of the event.

“Chicago Music is building so much, it’s impossible to ignore.” DJ Finesse boldly states that he fights the mainstream. DJ Finesse is a young artist who has already worked with names like Lil J, Taylor Bennett and he has worked shows at South by Southwest. The real shock is that he only has been doing this for a year and a half! This young artist grew up a part of the Rastafarian  culture and says fighting the mainstream is in his blood.

As the night when on, they soon asked everyone to stand as they picked up the chairs, cranked up the music and began to turn up into the night. Brittany Bautista was responsible for this event. Brittany is a graphic designer and aspiring Filmmaker, when asked why she put this event together especially with it being her first time she simply said “why not?” When leaving I looked around and saw at least two hundred people, and people were still coming in! As I Examine who is hot right now, who’s on the rise, many come from this environment, many still remain independent and yes, there is room for plenty more as music continues to evolve and grow. 



Welcome to Chicago Class 2 KUSH vs PILLS. For this issue, we had to go hard. Exclusively shot by Mr. Tracks, Creative Director and CEO of LEVELUP MAGAZINE, we took a handful of influential artists under 25 who have been making hella noise in the industry. We shined a light on their grind, crews,…

Find out more on MagCloud

@levelupmagazine | #ChicagoClass first edition hosted by @Official_LanaJ



Exclusively shot by Mr. Tracks Photography (CEO of LeveL-Up! Magazine) with an ode to the community, the Chicago Firehouse Community Arts Center, a gem on the West Side of Chicago was host to positive vibes, smiles, and serious talks about the future of music in Chicago. We also had the expertise from Phil Jordan of Church and State Films to capture all the candid interview moments with Ariel Hamilton on behind-the-scenes. We also spoke with the Queen of Chicago Drill : Katie Got Bandz who talked about her upcoming mixtape, album, and her motivation to remain humble in the industry.



Photography by Passīon Brēaux



Join us for an evening of education and mingling. Part workshop, part networking mixer, we are bringing the arts industry together! There will be professional head shots taken by Mr. Tracks Photography, makeup + style demos, plus a panel of knowledgeable industry go- getters to get you motivated on your modeling journey including spokesmodel Stephanie Stock CEO of model-mint.com ; MUA Mellie Sue Mestas of Monster Ball Makeup; Dionna Nicole of Rehab’d Vintage + more!

Join us for an evening of education and mingling. Part workshop, part networking mixer, we are bringing the arts industry together! There will be professional head shots taken by Mr. Tracks Photography, makeup + style demos, plus a panel of knowledgeable industry go- getters to get you motivated on your modeling journey including spokesmodel Stephanie Stock CEO of model-mint.com ; MUA Mellie Sue Mestas of Monster Ball Makeup; Dionna Nicole of Rehab’d Vintage + more!

Iridium Clothing Grand Opening at Block 37


With seven years in the fashion world, high end clothing brand:Iridium Clothing is coming strong with the release of their pop up shop at Block 37 in downtown Chicago's legendary State Street. CEO Platinum takes us on a visual trip as he explores the meaning behind Iridium; science, art, and nature all beautifully wrapped into the expression that his clothes speak of.

Co- manager, hip-hop artist and spokesmodel @Ralphy_L explains his involvement with Iridium and shows us a few of his favorite pieces in the new store.

Iridium 77.jpg

Fashion junkie and music artist Ra'ki J Jinx, the newest addition to the Iridium Family, shows us around the shop and highlights some of his favorite pieces. Facebook: Ra'ki J Jinx

Video Iridium 77.jpg


Hip-Hop lovers gathered together last week for King Louie’s show promoting his new mixtape Jeep Music.

The fiery street MC wasn’t afraid to show he’s also a man of style and elegance; King Louie was fresh off the video shoot for his new single “Tony,” sporting a crisp white and black tuxedo. 

Fans of King Louie are no strangers to the performer’s crazy energy; an overused phrase like turnt up isn’t enough to describe Louie’s stage presence. I’ll get back to you when I can coin a new term for him. 

Before the main artist hit the stage there’s always a nice warm up to get the crowd rocking for the main event.

King Louie had the proper set up from the self proclaimed Jim Morrison of hip-hop; Keith Ali and his group All Good Everything.

Now, you might be wondering, "who’s Jim Morrison and why would this guy want to be compared to him?"

Here’s a quick history lesson: Jim Morrison was a rock and roll performer and lead singer of the rock band called The Doors. Rolling Stones listed him number 47 on a listing of the 100 Greatest Singers of All TimeMorrison was best known for his enormous personality and unique style of spoken word over hard rock music.

“His stage presence, he commanded it. He controlled energy when he was on stage,” says Keith Ali in reference to Morrison.

There’s no denying that Keith Ali has the ability to be lyrically inclined behind the mic and demand the audience's attention.

Keith Ali first started recording for fun while he attended Whitney Young High School. He began to take things a bit more seriously when he recorded his first mixtape Keep Dope Alive.

“The success was cool, I was happy with the product itself but I felt like I could’ve did more to let it be heard by the people,” said Ali.

Ever so optimistic, and with a more concise plan, Keith Ali is gearing up for the release of his second mixtape The Yearbook. Promo and shows this go around are some essentials to the public knowing Keith Ali and The All Good Everything brand. 

“I just want people to understand me as a person. That’s the main reason I do it,” proclaims Ali.


What better way to kick-start a career by joining the line up of one of Chicago’s heavy hitters in Hip-Hop, King Louie.

  - Written by Mark D'Neal

  - Photography by Kailah Armand

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Eternity Elizabeth | The Fashion Market Runway Show

On Saturday, October 19, 2013; The Fashion Market held an upscale runway show [FASHION FORWARD] highlighting the emerging fashions of a handful of top indie designers in Chicago. The DJ spun funky hits all night plus the audience was wowed by the unforgettable performance of electronica, singer, rapper Eternity.

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On Friday October 18, 2013, visual artist, MUA, and CEO Kaori Nik showcased her newest creation; PROFIXX lip pigment. Attracting a plethora of industry movers and shakers, the highly anticipated and upscale PROFIXX exhibition/ launch was a full on art lovers experience. With live music spinning and lots of mingling, the night included PROFIXX lip demos; plus an opportunity to try one of the pigments, time lapse videos of Kaori creating exquisite sci-fi full face art, stunning poster size photos of futuristic makeup creations highlighting the various PROFIXX pigments taken by the talented Bity Fotos and even a live makeup "cat walk." Kaori's handmade vegan lip pigments are available at profixxpigement.com 

Profix logo.jpg
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LANA J: The Host for #SharkTankSocial

Serenity Marie interviews the host of the #SharkTankSocial event, Lana J. Lana J is a college student, entrepreneur, and TV personality. Check out her new show launching in 2014 on Channel 25.

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