Iridium Clothing Grand Opening at Block 37


With seven years in the fashion world, high end clothing brand:Iridium Clothing is coming strong with the release of their pop up shop at Block 37 in downtown Chicago's legendary State Street. CEO Platinum takes us on a visual trip as he explores the meaning behind Iridium; science, art, and nature all beautifully wrapped into the expression that his clothes speak of.

Co- manager, hip-hop artist and spokesmodel @Ralphy_L explains his involvement with Iridium and shows us a few of his favorite pieces in the new store.

Iridium 77.jpg

Fashion junkie and music artist Ra'ki J Jinx, the newest addition to the Iridium Family, shows us around the shop and highlights some of his favorite pieces. Facebook: Ra'ki J Jinx

Video Iridium 77.jpg