Hip-Hop lovers gathered together last week for King Louie’s show promoting his new mixtape Jeep Music.

The fiery street MC wasn’t afraid to show he’s also a man of style and elegance; King Louie was fresh off the video shoot for his new single “Tony,” sporting a crisp white and black tuxedo. 

Fans of King Louie are no strangers to the performer’s crazy energy; an overused phrase like turnt up isn’t enough to describe Louie’s stage presence. I’ll get back to you when I can coin a new term for him. 

Before the main artist hit the stage there’s always a nice warm up to get the crowd rocking for the main event.

King Louie had the proper set up from the self proclaimed Jim Morrison of hip-hop; Keith Ali and his group All Good Everything.

Now, you might be wondering, "who’s Jim Morrison and why would this guy want to be compared to him?"

Here’s a quick history lesson: Jim Morrison was a rock and roll performer and lead singer of the rock band called The Doors. Rolling Stones listed him number 47 on a listing of the 100 Greatest Singers of All TimeMorrison was best known for his enormous personality and unique style of spoken word over hard rock music.

“His stage presence, he commanded it. He controlled energy when he was on stage,” says Keith Ali in reference to Morrison.

There’s no denying that Keith Ali has the ability to be lyrically inclined behind the mic and demand the audience's attention.

Keith Ali first started recording for fun while he attended Whitney Young High School. He began to take things a bit more seriously when he recorded his first mixtape Keep Dope Alive.

“The success was cool, I was happy with the product itself but I felt like I could’ve did more to let it be heard by the people,” said Ali.

Ever so optimistic, and with a more concise plan, Keith Ali is gearing up for the release of his second mixtape The Yearbook. Promo and shows this go around are some essentials to the public knowing Keith Ali and The All Good Everything brand. 

“I just want people to understand me as a person. That’s the main reason I do it,” proclaims Ali.


What better way to kick-start a career by joining the line up of one of Chicago’s heavy hitters in Hip-Hop, King Louie.

  - Written by Mark D'Neal

  - Photography by Kailah Armand

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