It was October 4th unusually mundane.  Most people wanted to go home, put their feet up and drink hot chocolate. However, in the midst of the mediocrity of most, was the opportunity for others. 7:30 at Blues Heaven located on south Michigan avenue, an Independent film called “Mildsauce” made its world premiere.

When walking into the room, an instant peaceful vibe came over you, if you happened to glance around the room you might think you were in the Harlem Renaissance! There were writers, artists, producers, graphic designers, photographers and singers all sharing their work and waiting in anticipation for the premiere. The Film was shot by upcoming director and owner of the “Radical Rebels” production company Marlon Hulett. The film starred upcoming underground artist Chai Tulani, head of the Soul Rebels movement who when asked about how this film began said “It started as a promotional video for cloud high vibes, it just kinda grew into a short film.” Artist $tevie adam$, another member of the Soul Rebels movement said “I’m surprised at the turnout, originally it was supposed to be just close friends and cast members.” At approximately 8:30 pm the show began, but before the film, Chai Tulani released a music video called “It’s You.”

The video stood out because it was very cinematic. Shortly after the music video they released “Mildsauce” a comedy that follows artist Chai Tulani as he goes around the city looking for his hat. The review of the film was very high, popular underground artists such as Daryn Alexus, Arjaye Jeter and socialite Brittany Middlebrooks aka Miss Illinois 2014 all were in attendance. In a way, the event itself is the philosophy of the Soul Rebel Movement, young professionals all working together to further themselves for the sake of Art. Chai Tulani says there is no mixtape coming out at the moment, but he will be releasing a few singles over the next few months, and to check out his last mixtape “Cloud High Vibes” which happens to be the soundtrack of the film. The underground scene of Chicago is clearly thriving, and this definitely won’t be the last film that the Soul Rebels and the Radical Rebels release. 


Jon VealBlues Haven