A Chilling Release

October 31st, downtown Chicago at The Music Garage, and it’s snowing… As I looked on the streets, the town was barely alive, it was Halloween! People usually wild out during this holiday but the weather seemed to keep most at bay. Well, most were, but as always, art never sleeps. Rank Jenson is a relatively new artist to the game, releasing his first mixtape but his show definitely opened up some eyes and truly illuminated his range of talents, most notably his great performance. The event was lit with a red dim light, I assume to give an ominous tone given the date, but all in attendance were artists, close friends, family and Chicago socialites. The Event was packed with artists $tevie Adam$, Red Bella, Chai Tulani, Tevin Deshawn, and Arjaye Jeter. The vibe became more and more hype as each artist took to the stage. Rank Jenson said, “I think it was a good turnout despite the bad weather, nothing but good vibes.” Jenson sees himself as an indie artist and his music taste he says "isn’t your typical hip hop," even though he loves and respects the classics, he listens to a lot of alternative music. His goal is to continue to release music and build more and more respect as a Chicago artist. The event was wrapped up at about 11pm with a costume contest. Nothing particular shady or spooky happened, well- besides the fact that it was snowing!