Iridium X Era Galleries = Fashion Excellence


Wednesday, November 26th, also the day before thanksgiving. A time of sharing and cooking, a time for most to return home to their family and communicate their love towards one another. The underground fashion world however has waited for this day in long anticipation for one of the flyest Chicago brands to showcase their fall-winter lineup. It was an especially cold day in the city of Chicago on that day, snow was coming down, drivers becoming more and more reckless with each long wait at a light, but all who went knew that this event was well worth the time and energy to get there. This event was in celebration of Iridium's one year anniversary being at their store located at 108 N state st, they were in collaboration with Era Galleries; a fresh new resource for talented Chicago artist to get exposure for their work.


When I walked in the building it felt like I was in Harlem NYC! The walls leading into the space were decorated with graffiti, free coat check, then you walk through a spacious hallway, art pieces hanging on the walls that leads into a huge space that feels like Andy Warhol' s Factory. There was an open bar on the second floor and first, and their were servers passing around the most delicious hor'douves one has ever had the pleasure of tasting. The First floor was lit with an eerie red light, the stairs that led to the second floor was one giant graffiti piece while the second floor was lit with a dark blue light; all of it blasting with classic hip hop. The vibe was chill, some danced most socialized.

 Among the faces I glanced by were hip hop artist Ace da Vinci, Roy French, and one of Chicago's most talented photographers, Kohl Murdock. The runway show started a little after ten, then after that most people started to turn up. Level Up got to Interview the CEO of Iridium, Platinum. When asked what the brand is going to do next he said "we look forward to creating new products for our audiences to enjoy."

Level Up Team Member Jon Veal with Platinum

Level Up Team Member Jon Veal with Platinum

There was also a raffle, hosted by Era. All proceeds of the raffle went to a program entitled "Initiate Art." Its goal is to "Revitalize the community (Englewood) outlook by providing a creative outlet through various art forms" which includes spoken word, painting, design and videography lessons. Congratulations to Iridium for their enduring progress, most small businesses fail within a year, not only is Iridium not failing, but they are becoming one of the most respected clothing brands to have its roots based in the beautiful city of Chicago.