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 October 24th at The Silver Room in Wicker Park, the whole underground movement came together to do one thing, Turn Up! The Silver Room is a unique store with vintage Album covers, custom jewelry, and small child sized paintings with bold colors on the walls.  On Friday the 24th they became Host to Artist such as, DJ Finesse, Ek the Poet, Plain Dave, Lou Era, Hyype and many more. As I approached the event, there was a line to get in, when observing the people going in I saw Chicago socialites, Models, Artist, Producers and regular people who just happen to be rocking their favorite Jordans and Obey strap backs. As I went around the spacious well lit room I was hit hard in the ear by classic hits by Mf Doom, Jay Z and Drake courtesy Of DJ Finesse.

I took a peek out back to find nothing but walls painted bright with graffiti  and people chilling, and  networking . Wow, just wow. Artist everywhere, great tunes playing, photographers already snapping like the paparazzi. All of  Wicker Park, which is known for its indie and hipster persona, took note that this was the spot to be. The event started at 8:30 by a poetry reading by our host, Ek the Poet. After that, Artist after Artist, Plain Dave, Lou Era, Af Quatro, Jay 2, Hyype, Ishamael Raps, one by one took over the stage. All manner of musicians showed their skills, Violinist, DJ’s, Producers, Hype men, Rappers, everyone brought something unique and different to the show. Scene’s like this are not new to any of us, but they’re not super popular either. 

It is not a college party, nor a huge concert in Millennium park. This is the nature and essence of the underground Hip Hop World, the mysterious subculture that has bread artist such as MF Doom, Chance the Rapper, Even Kanye West. Members of 8effect said “Underground is the mainstream". Popular music, but not Pop music.” Evey Nicole Blogger for Kreative Junkies said “The underground movement is complete freedom in your creativity. Artist here have you truly  think about the music.” Evey Nicole is a believer that this is the rise of the Chicago Artist movement, as does Cole Bennett, Owner of Lyrical Lemonade and Co-producer of the event.

“Chicago Music is building so much, it’s impossible to ignore.” DJ Finesse boldly states that he fights the mainstream. DJ Finesse is a young artist who has already worked with names like Lil J, Taylor Bennett and he has worked shows at South by Southwest. The real shock is that he only has been doing this for a year and a half! This young artist grew up a part of the Rastafarian  culture and says fighting the mainstream is in his blood.

As the night when on, they soon asked everyone to stand as they picked up the chairs, cranked up the music and began to turn up into the night. Brittany Bautista was responsible for this event. Brittany is a graphic designer and aspiring Filmmaker, when asked why she put this event together especially with it being her first time she simply said “why not?” When leaving I looked around and saw at least two hundred people, and people were still coming in! As I Examine who is hot right now, who’s on the rise, many come from this environment, many still remain independent and yes, there is room for plenty more as music continues to evolve and grow. 



Welcome to Chicago Class 2 KUSH vs PILLS. For this issue, we had to go hard. Exclusively shot by Mr. Tracks, Creative Director and CEO of LEVELUP MAGAZINE, we took a handful of influential artists under 25 who have been making hella noise in the industry. We shined a light on their grind, crews,…

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