Splash Paradise Revolution @SplashParadise

Splash Paradise is a new wave in Hip Hop from Chicago, comprised of uniquely talented and positive-minded youth of Chicago. The people of Splash Paradise are freethinking, free being and colorful inside and out. It was founded by Brad Lutat nearly a month ago and is ran by Sean Mies, COO; AJ Vassen, CFO; Roy French, Creative Director; and DJ Earn Money, Production Manager/Co-Creative Director.  They already have thrown a few shows, showcasing numerous Chicago artists. If you weren’t celebrating 4th of July at Splash Paradise’s Pre-Soak, you missed one of the hottest shows/cookouts/parties thus far! The day was spent with nothing but good vibes, sounds by DJ Earn Money and DJ ELZ, drinks served by the ladies of Splash Paradise, delicious food, and water gun fights splashin’ everywhere. That’s not all though, because what would a party be without performances? Nothing! We all got to enjoy some of the hottest Chicago talents which included Netherfriends, White Gzus, Jinx the Natural, Roy French, New Deal Crew, and Tmthy Trtl and you know they got the crowd hyped up!  If you missed out on the fun, don’t worry, they have a lot more in store not only for the summer, but for months to come! Let the sounds drip and become consumed by the Hip Hop of the future.

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Video by Aztek Samurai from New Breed

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