Imagined if oldschool R&B tracks served today? Thanks to ABRA @darkwaveduchess


Have you ever imagined if old school R&B tracks are served as they are today? Thanks to Abra for making it happen. The singer brings quality to her music by writing, singing, and even producing them herself. Born in London and grew in Atlanta, Abra signed her contract with Awful Records in 2014.

Seems like she is avoiding the common and mainstream nowadays songs that she does bring different vibes of R&B to her music. Most of them have the 80s and 90s flare. Take Rose for an instant. It is mid tempo and contains bass that is so heavy, giving some of Diana Ross
chill. Her vocal is soft, high, and unique. She has the type of hazy vocals, at other parts she is whining - which is amazing! Another track called Fruit will give the same atmosphere. Her songs are ature and real masterpiece.

CRYBABY from her 2016 discography, Princess, is what bolden her as the modern version of outdated. You can really feel 80s vibe but still the music is present time.

Abra is 2016 must listen!

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