Better Listening Experience 2017

Better Listening Experience 2017

Writing by Charmeise

2016 has been a tough year.  We’ve lost legends, dealt with far too many petty rap beefs to count, and witnessed quite possibly the most upsetting election year in history.  With that being said, I can’t help but feel like we’re all a little more ready for 2017 than we expected to be.  Here are some of the top indie artists to look forward to in the upcoming year:  

1. Key!

Key has obviously been around for a minute, but has managed to keep a relatively low profile while being a key player in the Atlanta hip-hop scene.  Most were introduced to Key!  in 2014 when he was featured on the bass-heavy summer anthem “Look At Wrist” alongside Father, and ILoveMakonnen.  Since, he’s put out numerous projects this year alone (“Keyonce” being one of my personal faves) and has no intention on stopping anytime soon.  

Stream some of Key!’s Latest projects here:

2. Ethereal (producer, Awful Records)

While some may not be familiar with the name, you’ve probably heard some of his productions.  Ethereal has worked with artists such as Playboi Carti, and up-and-coming singer Alexandria.  Slowed down beats, hauntingly strikings chords, and powerful bass are all elements that accompany an Ethereal record.  Whether you’re listening to “Beef” or vibing out to one of his own songs (he also raps) it’s clear that he’s perfected the formula for creating a unique aesthetic for multiple platforms.  

Check out his soundcloud to find out more:

3. Abra

When you pair soft vocals with great production there’s no telling how far you can go.  Case and point: Abra.  Another artist on Awful records who has already had a breakout year with her release of PRINCESS is none other than Abra.  Constantly referring to herself as the Dark Waved Duchess, her music is reminiscent  of 80’s nostalgia with pumped full of 90s attitude.  Her previous release, Rose, was full of angsty, girl anthems that showcase her unique style as well as her vocal ability.  

Listen to some of Abra’s previous catalog here:


Writing by Charmeise