DIY - Meet Evie, The force behind Babes Only {@eviethecool}

Music has always and always will be a major force in my life. I wish I could count the numbers of hours I’ve spent obsessively researching, experimenting, and looking up new artists and sounds. The greatest thing about it all was that I didn’t feel forced, or prompted- it was all on my own accord, I loved to do it and still do. Through it all, I’ve stumbled across some major influencers, especially in the growing music scene in Chicago. One of those influencers is Evie. I started following Evie on Twitter last year, and instantly connected with her admiration of ( a creation of her own) trap mixes. Since then, I’ve seen her expand her platform and create her own lane while inspiring other female creative to do what they want.






DJ Evie The Cool


Recently, I caught up with Evie in between her set where she gave me the scoop on how she got into Djing and where she wants to see her newest project, Babes Only, grow to. Like anyone wanting to dive into a creative lane, she started a blog and eventually, began learning how to DJ firsthand from Smoko Ono, another prominent Chicago producer. After months of consistent practice, she scored her first gig: a sold out Kehlani and Towkio concert at Metro – from then on, the rest was history. Since then, Evie has played gigs in New York, LA, and Texas all while releasing a series of her own as well as Babes Only mixes that feature other up and coming female DJ’s.

Even though she started Babes Only just last year, it’s already making a name for itself. “A Party by Women for All” serves as the unofficial mantra that can be seen on the Babes Only event flyers. You may be wondering, what makes these parties so unique? In addition to great music and live art, past events have even offered vegan desserts, massages and nail art. While creating an environment where women feel beautiful and comfortable, Evie also strives to make sure that women are empowered. Profits from Babes Only benefit non-profit organizations such as The Chicago Women’s Health Center, Social Works, as well as Lonely Whale. In my short time of speaking with Evie, it’s clear that she is genuine and passionate not only about her music but in uplifting others. On her next steps she states that, “My goal is to do two events a month, and I would love to raise about $25,000 in what we’ve donated collectively in 2017. We spread awareness on environmental things, you know, things that really matter.” Make sure to keep an eye out for the next event in your city by following @babesonlyfun and @eviethecool on Instagram.

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