GangSignz {@gangsignz} London, Ontario Canada

Instgram: @gangsignz
Twitter: @gangsignz

GangSignz is a young artist from London, Ontario Canada. By the age of 20, he has been able to educate himself in the music industry, whether it be producing and engineering, to writing and rapping. He has been able to network himself locally and in surrounding areas within the rap and hip-hop communities as well as collaborations with artists over seas

His passion for music began at the young age of 4 when he first heard Dr. Dre, Snoopdogg and Eminem on the legendary "2001" album released back in 1999 which his father would play through their home surround sound system. Little did his father know how this would impact GangSignz in the future growing up continuing to follow the hip hop industry because of his love for the sound of gangster rap music.

Gangsignz received his first musical instrument, an electric guitar when he was 7 which he did not stick with but instead at a later age moved onto playing the drums which he played for four years before deciding to move onto the more digital side of music. Gang Signz has now taken more of an interest in engineering and producing, as well as writing and raping. His most recent encounters have been his production of the beat on Ca$hu$ Kai's "Only Option" and features on songs with artists such as Young Loaft and Ca$trillon/D•Trilla. Expect more to come as he plans to debut his first solo mixtape "Writers Block" mid or late summer 2017 which will have all different kinds of collaborations with different artists from London, Toronto and more.