@DarynAlexus | I Ain't Got It!

This song ‘ I Ain’t Got It!” is pretty self explanatory by its name. While going through the emotional roller coaster of post grad life; What’s really next, how do I plan to take care of myself without help from my parents being a creative person and not wanting to get a 9-5, all the while getting several stressful calls from the evil that is student loan collectors.You explain your situation and they proceed to ask asinine questions like “can you at least pay $400 today to bring your account to current status” It would upset me so much to the point of tears at times. On top of trying to survive as an unpaid musician, I am also hundreds of miles away from the comforts of home, and rent and food are very real necessities I’m responsible for and going home is not an option. Both Dee Lilly and I have experienced the seriousness of financial stress to the point of even having to sell some of our music equipment for whatever we could get to avoid eviction and court.

Finally instead of stressing, I just wrote this song, and honestly it freed me, and I super don’t care anymore. Life will happen and I will go with the flow it send me on WITH a good attitude that’s not determined by my circumstances.

I wrote this song from the perspective of a “starving artist” but I believe anyone in the world can relate to the struggle, artist or not. This song helped me to come out on the other side thinking to myself “I ain’t got it” and tears and stress will do nothing to change that fact. I’ve since let my finances go to God and I trully believe this stage in my life is only temporary!

Thank you so much family and friends for your continued support! I love you all! You help me keep going!
— Daryn Alexus | @DarynAleus