Triple Threat British Musician LADY LESHURR (@LadyLeshurr)


Lady Leshurr is a triple threat British musician – rapper, singer, and producer, however, her rap game is the most advanced of all. Getting her name recognized through Queen’s Speech, she keeps stepping up her game on musical stuff. Doubt of what causes her to not getting recognition and advertisement as big as Nicki Minaj, past Lil’ Kim, and Missy Elliot, this lady sure is the great thing ever happen to the culture of rap without even branding her as ‘female’ rapper. Her rapping voice sounds feminine/masculine with relatable valiant lyrics. She has great speed of pronouncing words, plus her strong accent will make every single word sound catchy.

Start off as a rookie with 2009 mixtape “The Last Second”, a bunch of records then follow that first release. It is safe to say that she grows her ability up as experiences and time teach her much. She is featured on Labrinth’s 2013 “Let the Dogs Run Wild” and also did the freestyle of infamous Panda. Lately on 2016, she released her dopest and realest track, “Where Are You Know?” which has the contribution of Wiley’s sick lyrics. - Written by Damian Pascal

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