Making Waves with Monte Booker {@montebooker}

When I first found out about the incredibly talented collective of musicians on the Soulection Record Label, I was impressed to say the least.  At last, I could go to one place and leave with knowledge of new artists and tracks to listen to - each one rare in its own way.  I quickly discovered that every artist has their own mood, and creates it by either producing or putting a unique spin on classic hits from every genre.  Monte Booker is no different.  My first encounter with the artist came from my now routine listening to the Soulection Radio Show that's broadcasted weekly on Beats 1.  

Using electronic influences, live instruments and R&B classics he's created his own formula for classic vibes.  In addition to producing for himself, he also has multiple collaborations with other Chicago artists such as Raven Lenae, Noname, and  up-and-coming St. Louis rapper Smino.  Lenae, Smino, and Booker are also members of Zero Fatigue, a separate creative collective.  Booker is currently touring with Sango on his North American ITCO Tour.

Notable tracks: