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Since 2012, Chicago has become a mecca for some of the most influential artists in the industry. Artists such as Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, and Noname have all positioned themselves as leaders by putting their own take on signature Chicago sounds. Now it’s time for a new wave of leaders – meet MBC DRE, the up and coming rapper that takes pride in crafting meaningful bars. By the time he was a sophomore in high school Dre had already made the decision to dedicate himself fully to music and art. Money Bag Chasers ENT was formed by Dre and fellow musician AJ two years ago and is already on its way to becoming an undeniable movement in the underground scene. Both are hoping to expand into other creative platforms besides music, such as clothing and even promotions.

When I asked which he enjoyed more, he broke down the pros and cons of each. “I really take pride in having good, strong bars, but there’s something special about creating a melody that goes with the beat. I love both sounds, but I think I like melodic songs more right now.” Like any new artist, Dre is mindful of which lane he wants to venture into, and with the spectrum of hip-hop expanding more and more, he’s not afraid to say that he is having fun figuring out what works best for him. Dre has mentioned that he’s drawn inspiration from artists such as Jay Z, 50 Cent, Biggie, Lil Wayne and Drake. However, it's clear that he takes pride in developing a style his own and values creativity. “Every artist is different, and as an artist, I don’t like being compared to anybody because everyone has their own craft.” If you listen to his “Big Amount” freestyle you’ll definitely recognize where he draws from his influences, but Dre still allows his signature style to shine through. Another single, “Sometimes” featuring MBC AJ does a great job of showcasing his writing skills and ability to adapt and switch between different flows.

While he has plans to release his full length project this fall, he’s been staying busy with shows and wants to make sure that there are new releases each month. Make sure to follow MBC Dre on souncloud and Instagram to stay updated on his upcoming shows and releases. Also be sure to check out the links to videos that he has out right now for “Case Load”, “Quiet Storm”, and “Forever”.


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