Ace da Vinci to drop on 4/20

There are many ways to describe the Artist known as Ace da Vinci; a leader, a revolutionary, a free thinker and entrepreneur, an artist, a political activist and a performer. however words fail to fully describe the persona that Ace gives to everyone he meets. I first saw Ace perform at a goodbye party for a Chicago designer about five months ago, now he's everywhere in Chicago! I heard his song being played on wgci, I've heard about the Smartmouf open mic that he initiated, I've seen him at fashion shows, protest and showcases. Ace is over here making moves!

With all of this excitement surrounding this artist i was quite surprised to find out that he is preparing to release his first ep on 4/20. Yes on Monday April the twentieth our ears will finally here the first completed project from one of the hottest young artist in the streets of Chicago! In a previous interview snip i watched on Vinci's Facebook, he tells us that his new mostly self produced project is primarily about balance, "The good and the bad, the ying and the yang. Its a very human a very real project."

Ace da Vinci drops his new ep "Seven Day High" in two days, be one of the first to come up on one of the hottest underground Artist of 2015.