If Frank Ocean had a twin sister, Nao might be her.


If Frank Ocean had a twin sister, Nao might be her. Nao has the same kinda similar music. Genius! This girl brings RnB to the next level with funk, soul, and a little bit of electronic vibe. Born as Nao Jessica-Joshua, the British lady has numerous of great accomplishments, as one being in the third place on BBC Sound of 2016.

Nao sounds like Fantasia at a glance but her strong attack is really on her music. She serves the audience with nothing but pure dopeness. Each song is different and sang beautifully. "Happy" is a moody song that makes you feel calm, joyful and ready to live life. That is how good she is. In "Bad Blood" you can feel her anger, the emotion has erupted through the song which you can relate to it. It’s a brilliant interpretation of revenge rather than Taylor Swift’s. Girlfriend is her latest single that worth your time too!

Nao has released two Eps, which are So Good (2014) and February 15 (2015), and an LP, For All We Know (2016), which stole the third spot on US dance chart.

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Written by Damian Pasca