Nathan Weber sends out Warning Shots

On Sunday April 19th at the House of Blues artist Nathan Weber preformed a house rocking set with his band and announced his new EP titled "Warning Shots." Level Up! magazine caught up with Nate behind stage 

Nathan Weber is not your everyday Joe, he first started his musical dreams and career by playing Guitar Hero with his friends. "I was a rap fan first, and I thought guitar hero was dumb. My friend pressured me into playing it, so I played.The song was "Killing in the name of by Rage against the Machine and I was like if I could play the guitar that would be really cool." Nathans father who is a musician gave him his old guitar and since than Nathan has been playing for eight years straight.

During his set, he started rapping while playing intrigued by this I asked him where that came from. "I am a rap fanatic" he said. "I just wrote it as a poem, feeling strong emotions one night, and I just couldn't sing it, it would be to long."

Sunday was Nathans fifth performance at the House of Blues and his new EP is available now on Itunes, Spotify and Google Play. 

"Paper Walls (9 to 5)" off his debut EP, Warning Shots, produced by Sean O'Keefe.