STEVE JAMES | Store Music - Renaissance is the smash hit @SteveJames


Creating great music is just a regular thing until being involved in creating great music for huge star makes you a great artist. Steve James earns it that this teen DJ/producer co-produced Justin Bieber’s track, Purpose, off his latest album with the same name. Standing ovation is for this Pittsburgh young man’s producing ability that even his own beats are undeniably amazing.

Renaissance is the smash hit. Handed with unique vocals from Clarity, the song is a melodious dance anthem. The productions are professionally beautiful and the beat drops are the satisfaction of the song. No wonder that it has been played more than 20 million times through streaming music services. His recent single, In My Head, which featured vocals from RKCB, is also a heart touching the song, but wait until the beats start dropping, hearts bouncing.

As Ultra Records artist, Steve James is sure an asset. More about his talent, even his remixes might make it as the original, like what he has done to Conrad Sewell’s Remind Me, The Chainsmokers’ Let You Go, and Ellie Goulding’s Beating Heart. Expect the release of his debut EP in early 2017.

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Written by Damian Pasca