RnB is in the air! Summertime Stories | @Summertimestory


RnB is in the air! Summertime Stories own his breathy voice that defines original RnB and it is legit. Get the recognition by posting his music to mainly SoundCloud, he has more than 100 thousand plays for his total of eleven tracks. Summertime has what it takes to win an award!

His music is mid to slow tempo. Summertime delivers his RnB in such smooth way that it's heart touching for the ladies. Very least production track, Save This Moment, with only accompanied by guitar strings is a deep a ballad that will put your eyes in tears.

The emotion felt so real and relatable. Hotline... is definitely a sex song. He just whispers atop flirty instruments, followed by a girl’s moaning sound.  "NVR HAD, Gotxa Bvby", and "In Love" are on top of the list!

Summertime Stories is a magic in RnB. You’d better consume his music now!

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Twitter: @Summertimestory
Instagram: phillipoteka
Soundcloud: summertimestories