Victoria Prince {@Vprincemusic} releases debut album Heartstrings

by Rianna Ronquillo


On June 1, 2018, Victoria Prince released her debut album Heartstrings out to the world. Since then, this album has captivated many with its soulful pop sound, acoustic guitar riffs and tranquil island vibe.

Victoria Prince is graced with not only beauty, but also wits and talent. Hailing from the land of Southern Oregon, Victoria’s music was heavily influenced by many genres creating a unique and different sound among acoustic pop artists. After getting a degree in Audio Engineering in Seattle, she moved back to the islands to chase after her dreams in music. Since then, she has been staying at Kona as a full-time musician, performer, and model.

Prior to Heartstrings, she released three songs including her debut single, Butterflies. It is ultimately one of those songs about having “butterflies” for a boy, charming everyone with its playful tempos and catchy start. Since her introduction to the music industry, her song has made charts in Kona, therefore motivating her to release her summer single Paradise, which she described as her summer jam. With the help of her little brother on percussion, it gave the song more attitude with its hopeful lyrics about a perfect summer scene. Not long after Paradise was out, she announced the release of Gimme That, a song which was inspired not only by love, loss, and hope, but also her realization that she could be happy without needing anyone to be that happiness for her. The song sounds a little country, with a hint of some jazzy Bossa Nova. And finally happy with a distinct sound, came the birth of her debut album.

Heartstrings is a collection of seven songs, including those she previously released. Heavily encouraged by her guitar, this album talks mainly about all the stages of Victoria’s life− her relationships, friendships, memories. Her music makes her remember those moments in her life.

Her first track Falling in Lalala tackles the beauty of falling in love, building its sound with gradual intensity and a simple yet catchy guitar rhythm. The next song Heartstrings, talks about love in play, and someone pulling on her heartstrings, possibly hinting about heartbreak or confusion. Much to that story comes her song Mr. Right

Now, which is my personal favorite as it has good playful vocals and your typical strong independent woman realizing her worth anthem. And lastly, she serves some “Colbie Caillat Bubbly” vibes with her last ditty, All with You, summing up the beautiful adventure of love.


Heartstrings is the perfect album to listen to when you want to go on a roadtrip and blast the car with your singing voice. With its chill melodies and lively acoustics, I’m betting it will be your summer bops of the season. But let’s not get lost in its catchy tunes, for the message it relays is far more beautiful than any other song in it. It is entitled that to tell us that we are in charge of our heartstrings, and that only we should pull them.

Here’s to hoping that Victoria Prince will soar higher and push her music to greater limits. In the meantime, let’s get a tall glass of cold lemonade, enjoy the warm breeze and feel the summer heat with the album of the season.