WSTRN, is a trio that brings RnB to the world. @WSTRNmusic


Louis Rei, Akelle Charles, and Haile – together known as WSTRN, is a trio that brings RnB to the world. Originally from West London, WSTRN is named after a purpose to make West London big in music.

In2, the song that started popularity for the trio, ky-rocketed to number four on UK Singles Chart upon its digital release - only to find itself behind Fleur Eeast, Justin Bieber, and Adele back in November 2015. Before the initial digital downloads, it even made it to the top 100 list of the same chart with only streams. The smooth and vibin’ Rnb/HipHop track really deserved it.

WSTRN’s latest is A-List. It shares the genre with In2, giving the same atmosphere and feeling, but A-List is still a brilliant song tho considering it’s a lighter song with lyrics that you can use to get someone’s name.

As a trio, they fit pretty good together. Akelle and Haile will sing the songs while Louis Rei completes the masterpieces with his rapping game. WSTRN indeed has the star future.

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Written by Damian Pascal