Hosted by

Kristy Dunbar, Danielle Fosberry and

Mr. Tracks


Splash Fashion Shoot.

Looking to dive into a whole new experience?

Clear your calendar - It's going down! SPLASH FASHION SHOOT | AUSTRALIA kicks off on February 19th, and we are inviting experienced models who can be comfortable with modeling in the water and pulling off a high end look. If you're looking for unique images to strengthen your portfolio and align yourself with talented professionals in the industry, book this exclusive shoot today! Hosted by Creative Director of LEVEL-UP! MAGAZINE and Photographer Mr. Tracks, Hair and Makeup Artist Kristy Dunabr, and Fashion Designer Danielle Fosberry, you will be receiving a tip top trinity of glam service and captivating photography for your modeling career. 

1hr Time Shoot | 3 Retouched Photos | Hair & Makeup | Fashion Styling


Cost: $100 | Payment Deadline Feb 13th

If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a message.

Contact Person: Danielle Fosberry | (+61) 0409 922 554

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