MALIEC Street Wear

Despite the season, Darker is better

by Charmeise Jackson

Kalin Thompson - 20160604-IMG_1806.jpg

Spring is officially here and while many retailers are moving towards your typical line-up of bright, pastel colors that doesn’t mean that everyone has to. Our generation has done a pretty good job of shaking things up, so why should our perception of spring be any different?

Up-and-coming Florida creative Kalin Thompson wants to eliminate the culture of exclusivity in

fashion with his newest collection from MALIEC. Originally used as an outlet to combat depression, Thompson began his career in design just only a year ago but has already developed a clear and unique vision for his brand.

Complete with contrasting colors and eye-catching designs, owning a piece from MALIEC will make you the center of attention this spring. Be the center of attention this spring with MALIEC’s eye-catching designs. Distorted images infused with the dramatic flair of comic style cartoons make MALIEC the newest staple in streetwear. The brand excels in offering its buyers a variety of styles that compliment each other perfectly to create a classic aesthetic rooted in gothic culture.

Like other fearless millennials, he’s not afraid to push the boundaries of what and what’s not accepted in the fashion industry. A firm opponent of common labels such as mens, womens wear, spring, and fall pieces Thompson chooses to focus on what’s important – evoking emotions and

thoughts through wearable art. The newest collection, titled SPS, is scheduled to drop later this month and focuses on the often correlation between past relationships and music. To browse pieces from MALIEC check out and follow the brands IG page @fallenyeezus to stay updated on new releases.