Misfitz Lane

Melbourne, Australia based independent jewelry and accessory brand

Enter the world of Misfitz Lane, a new Melbourne, Australia based independent jewelry and accessory brand. You'll definitely want to experience the wave as it evolves to flood the US market. Misfitz Lane is just the right mix for lovers of streetwear style and takes a unique approach to curate items for the fashionably rebellious.

In late November 2017, the founder and personal stylist Rasheeda birthed the brand Misfitz Lane. One year later, she is now making her mark as a creative in the independent Melbourne AUS market. From earrings to chains, fitted caps, and wearable one-offs, millennials can enjoy a touch of the '90s and early 2000's as they browse products.

One of a kind, upcycled— handmade pieces, and solid streetwear accessories have been curated to fit the needs of the creative and free-spirited badass type. Classic, vintage pieces like the Misfitz signature "Bambo Phresh" and "Bamboo Heart" hoop earrings lend a flashback to the '90s. To bring a more contemporary flavor to your style, you can opt for the Mary Jane hoop earrings. These pieces from an earlier era of fashion really speak to the personal style of the owner; Rasheeda who enjoys putting together looks that are unique. Inspired by hip-hop culture - Misfitz Lane pays homage to an artistic edge, style, and color. If you're the type of person who enjoys putting together your outfit with unique accessories, Misfitz Lane delivers.

The most stand out pieces includes uni-sex necklaces; the "Lion of Judah" and "Cleo" chains. If you're feeling a bit more rebellious, the "Rebel" choker and "Blazed" chain would satisfy any lover of edgy streetwear style. Bangles, denim and upcycled jackets make up the curated statement pieces made with detail and pops of color.