@BlackGoldVape: Luxurious Alternatives to Cannabis Consumption

Recently hitting the vape scene BLACKGOLDVAPE is the newest kid on the block in a growing cannabis market. Based out of New York City, the brand is inspired by Egyptian Culture and high-end appeal. The brand licenses their product to medical and recreational dispensaries in America. Heavy puffers and lightweights can enjoy the 800mg of concentrated cannabis oil that comes in several strains and amazing flavor. Check out the specs below for the Gold Standard vape. 

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Marketing Your BRAND in 2018

Every brand should look towards three major goals to have loyal customers. When you add value, produce quality, and create dope ass content, everything you imagined for your business will fall into place. In order to manifest those goals, your brand needs advertising. Ads provide a cultural understanding of the target audience (who wears the clothes) and what their lifestyle is like. Interact with your target audience by showing them the lifestyle and culture of your brand.

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Choosing The Right Hair Product To Achieve The Hairstyle

So you just got the freshest cut of your life, you're walking out the barbershop with a limp in your step, you're feeling good, you get home to wash off and then you try styling your hair again and it just doesn’t look the same as when you left the barbershop.

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The Best of Liberty Fairs Las Vegas

Hey Fellas, I just got back from Vegas a few days ago from attending the Liberty Fairs event. Liberty Fairs brings the leading brands in menswear together with industry's top buyers in an inspiring design-driven environment. This is also the place where brands showcase some their upcoming collections. - Steve A. Nunez

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Summer Crosley - Traveling the World of Fashion

When she is not traveling the World of Fashion, she devotes her life to make a difference in the world by supporting environmentally friendly causes such as Ocean life Conservation to help protect our beautiful ocean life and help keep our beaches clean. Summer has influenced the public to join the eco-friendly movement by doing our part to help decrease pollution and protect wildlife. She continues to dedicate her daily life to encourage others to clean up our beaches and reminding others to reduce, reuse, recycle to conserve the beautiful ocean life.

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MOZART - STUDIO EXCLUSIVE by @ilcago_music


MOZART is the freshman "drill" tape released by producer/rapper ILCAGO. It's a defining moment for the new artist and is a journey into the underbelly of the lens that he sees his everyday experiences through. Listening is like going to the chi without even taking flight. MOZART features a squad of chi town drillas like King Louie, Sasha Go Hard, Dreezy, and Mikey Dollaz. Are you the Mozart of your reality?

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A new level of dope artistry for females rappers in the urban community. October 27th FURY and Miss Chiff are about to release their first music video together for their collaborative track entitled: 'In Control' .

Level-Up! Magazine will be premiering the video this Tuesday Oct, 27 @ 12pm.

Our track: 'In Control' is about the objectification of women in the music industry; specifically Hip Hop. The Hip Hop genre is flooded with misogyny. Instead of fighting it, female rap artists seem to fuel the fire by branding themselves to fit into the molds that are laid out by the music industry. 

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