When we started LEVEL-UP! MAGAZINE in 2008, it was from very humble beginnings. Just as quickly as we hit the ground running with connecting our brand to talent, our city slowly became a sleeping giant in arts culture. Since that very day that we began publishing artists from all creative disciplines, our brand has grown into something that we never imagined it would be. This year 2014, as we prepare to publish the CHICAGO CLASS 2 Edition, we have decided to take LEVEL-UP! MAGAZINE internationally and expound on the indie scene we've loved to explore and publish over the years. 

Brace yourselves, WE'RE TAKING LEVEL-UP! MAGAZINE TO AUSTRALIA! Not only are we going to represent the indie scene here at home, we plan on exposing the community to an expansive network of artists across the world in hopes that you can connect, learn, and exchange in cultural conversation while at the same time connecting with our international fanbase who has shown an interest in the content we create. Let us hear you! Comment below. 

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