Jinx the Natural of Higher Learning: Chicago Class Featured Artist

Higher Learning is not your typical hip hop group and neither is Jinx the Natural, one fourth of the group. 

Jinx is a model and rapper from St. Louis here to bless us with his symphonic beats and elevated rap lyrics. His half of the group caters to listeners interested experimental rap with elements of every form of music incorporated into the songs. 

His personality reflects in everything he does so you know it's real. His Tumblr page is decked out with vibrant colors and features a link to his photo spread Instagram.

All his videos make you feel like you've escaped to another world. Complimentary to his Higher Learning partners Black Ralphy'l, Roy French, and Roman Flowers, Jinx add his eccentric and mellow accents to the music.

He also has a massive Vine following where he narrates his life in a relatable and funny manner.

Catch up with the Jinx previous tracks on his Bandcamp and come see him this Saturday at our Chicago class edition party where he will be a special guest representing Higher Learning.

Twitter: @higherjinx

Tumblr: jinxthenatural.tumblr.com/