the WHOevers Chicago Class Featured Artist

the WHOevers are a Filipino hip hop duo made up of DotKom and J. Arthur who are devoted to producing feel good music for their diverse group of listeners, mostly interested in rhythmic beats and smooth lyrical flow.

This hip hop group has had a lot of success. They've recently releasing their latest album “Ridin' Waves” in 2013 featuring hits such as 'Baby Girl,' 'No Waves,' and 'TIMEOUT.'

Last year they headlined their own show at Lincoln Hall to celebrate the release of their new album and the reputable venues and festivals the group can add to their list keeps growing.

In 2011, when the group first appeared on the underground hip hop scene, they played Wicker Park Fest and since then SXSW.

the WHOevers have been gaining fans for their fresh take on hip hop and have turned that into a musical force to be reckoned with. The group also has a benevolent side, they've donated a portion of their Lincoln Hall earnings to help victims from the aftermath of the 2013 typhoon in the Phillipines.

Catch up with the group's previous tracks on their Bandcamp and come see them this Saturday at our Chicago class edition party where they will be performing.

FB: theWHOevers
Twitter: @theWHOevers