Meet Chicago Class Featured Artist Arjaye Jeter

Being an artist since high school, Arjaye Jeter has accomplished many of his goals as far as being in the music scene such as performing with his friends at the “Lil’ Wayne’s Holiday Take Over” event, reaching thousands of viewers on his YouTube channel and co-creating a group with he and his friends “Chill Vill”.

Currently, he is working on his new album, "Year of the Villain", which would be a full length project. Producers that he has been working with on the project are  Thelonious Martin and his in house producers Chris G & LiveFromJuly.

You can catch Arjaye performing at our release party for issue 7 of LEVEL-UP! Magazine, the Chicago Class edition on Saturday, July 19th at the, 645 W. 18th St. at 8 p.m.!

Show him some love and check out his latest singles Adult(s) Swim and Sonya Blade below: