Cody DeCamry: Chicago Class Featured Artist and Performer

Chicago-based artist and Chicago Class feature Cody DeCamry will be performing at our release party for issue 7 of LEVEL-UP! Magazine, the Chicago Class edition on Saturday, July 19th at the, 645 W. 18th St. at 8 p.m.!

Cody has created songs such as Blazed, which he incorporated a lot of his own characteristics, as well as those characteristics and values of the '70s. He has worked hard with his music and building his fan base. This young artist is worthy of the support.   

"Cody DeCamry is a calm spirited person who was born and raised in the hectic city of Chicago. Being able to have lived in every corner of the city, Cody has gained a greater understanding of the many groups of people in Chicago, as he aims to touch every one of his audience members..." You can read more about Cody in our Chicago Class edition. Get your copy at the release party this Saturday! You can also pre-order it at