Mikey Dollaz Chicago Class Featured Artist


Chicago drill rapper, Mikey Dollaz, is taking Chicago by forcefield! 

He has produced and created a million different hits and beats that has chocked the city; one being, "Guess I'm That Nigga". 

He has also featured another recording artist, Asa, performing a few singles, "Shit Is Real", "Turn Up", and "I Do It". 

He has also paired up with numerous other artists and rappers, creating the ultimate dream team and dope music. 

Come out Saturday, July 19, and watch him perform live at the LeveL-Up! Magazine #CHICAGOCLASS edition release party at 8 p.m.

Mikey Dollaz can also be found on the social media sites. Hope to see all of you there this Saturday! 

Instagram: MikeyDollaz

Twitter: _mikey_dollaz_

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