Check Out Ace da Vinci Our Chicago Class Performer

Ace da Vinci, the artist who drew himself, was a featured performer at our Chicago Class Release Party. Memphis born, Chicago raised, two-thirds hip hop and one-third reality makes a prominent and permanent appearance in his lyrical abilities and his “audio diaries."  It’s not just your everyday specifics, he’s adamant about the mix up of music and tone.  From feeding food for thought on the minds of the intellect to a beat for the hearts of the boppers; he is way too talented for you to not know him, so be sure to watch the awesome interview with Ace and check out some of his music.


By Level-Up Magazine in LeveL-Up! Magzine™

30 pages, published 6/23/2014

Exclusively shot by Mr. Tracks Photography (CEO of LeveL-Up! Magazine) with an ode to the community, the Chicago Firehouse Community Arts Center, a gem onthe West Side of Chicago was host to positive vibes, smiles, and serious talks aboutthe future of music in Chicago.We also had the expertise from Phil Jordan of Church and State Films to captureall the candid interview moments with Ariel Hamilton on behind-the-scenes. Wealso spoke…