Interview with Chandler London #ChicagoClass

Check out Chandler London, Chicago Class featured artist, as he talk to us about his music, upcoming projects, and what he has been working on. He enjoys being an abstract artist, as he is strongly influenced by Chicago and his experiences within the city including the eye-catching art. 

What I like about Chandler's music is that there is definitely some feelings inserted in what he talks about. From beats, to lyrics, he says that his new ep T-Rex is one project that he put a lot into when it comes to craft, emotion, and expression. "Skitzometric", another one of Chandler's creations, is a great example of how this young artist puts a lot of his feelings into his work, which adds more meaning to it. 

He explains in our interview with him that before "Skitzometric" was ever thought of he was going through a rough patch in his life. Thus, the creation of the song began! Who would have guessed? This guy looked pretty happy and at ease during our interview. I thing its safe to say that he is one down to earth artist who isn't afraid to express himself! Something unique about Chandler is that he doesn't start off by writing his lyrics down. Everything he creates starts off as a repetitive thought (his creates his lyrics in his head, then repeats them so he doesn't forget them). I can't even remember what I had for breakfast. A very interesting strategy Chandler! Chandler London can be found on social media via Twitter @Chandler_YO or just Google him guys!