Kickin' it with Arjaye Jeter #ChicagoClass

Arjaye Jeter, who is one of our published artists in the Chicago Class edition, interviews with us on the day of our release party for the new edition which is now available.

Arjaye hung out with us and caught us up on what he has been working on and life after his one page spread with LEVEL-UP! Magazine. Arjaye is an uplifting spirit who is so focused n life that it can motivate people around him! As I began speaking with him, he was enthusiastic to tell me what had been going on in his world since the last time we spoke. Since then, He has been rerecording an album, creating new art and more!

While living in a Chicago suburb and transitioning back to city life, one will notice many differences within the two areas. Arjaye goes more into depth with that when he explains what the city has to offer that the suburbs doesn't. I felt his struggle as he took me back to my own suburban days of not being able to buy a t shirt at my local gas station!

"Sonya Blade", one of Arjaye's newest videos and one of my personal favorites from him, was created by only showing the end of a story of a girl who is obsessed. She gets upset and seeks her revenge by drugging Arjaye up, then has her friend to finish him off with a skateboard. Cool story right, bro? Check the video out right here: 

Check him out on social media also via Twitter @ArjayeJeter, instagram @arjaye_jeter and of course on Sound Cloud. Be on the lookout for "Year of the Villain" with us!