Catch-up with Cody DeCamry #ChicagoClass

Cody DeCamry is not a new face to LEVEL-UP! Magazine, as he is one of our featured artists in the recently released Chicago Class edition. Since the production of the edition, Cody has been working on perfecting his sound and adding more variety to it.

He talks about taking his beliefs and the character that he puts into his music to the next level creatively and lyrically. He is one artist that I respect because of this. Not everyone will admit that their work needs a bit more working on, nor will everyone be brave enough to add their own beliefs for all to see. You go Cody! We definitely can't wait to see what he comes up with! His first project was one that defined him clearly and the goal for his music that he wanted to achieve. Cody plans to "push the level of artistry and creativity" as he goes on to produce his new sounds.

Cody is one artist that definitely is looking to get something out of his art, as he wants it to push him to new lengths of creativity. "W.I.M.P" (Women in my Presence) is Cody's current project in which he has been working on a few kinks with. The struggle of a music artist! But like most, he wants his audience to see and appreciate his work for all the effort and creativity that he put forth to making it.  

Find Cody's music at and or simply check him out on YouTube!