New Brazilian model in Australia Alessandra Amélia DISCOVERED BY Mr. tracks.


Photography by Rami Yahya

Not at all amateur : model from Brazil.

— Mr. Tracks | CEO & Director of Photography

Photography by: Terrence Credlin

As I was riding the 86 tram on my way to Melbourne Museum with my wife, British Tracks, I continued to think over concepts for the upcoming fashion shoot that I've been planning. After meeting Laura Tate and seeing her portfolio, I was ready to bring my ideas to reality with an official shoot here in Melbourne. Just then, on walks a well dressed woman who I knew right off the bat was a model. Street fashion here in Melbourne is really amazing; with everyone rocking high fashion looks- it's a melting pot of creative styling for urban, upscale, hipster, and edgy fashion. I assumed she was either a model or just a well dressed woman on her way to lunch in Fitzroy, a trendy neighborhood on the fringe of the city. 

I was glad that my wife was with me to introduce the magazine and ask her if she modeled. We showed her the app for the latest fashion edition and she was blown away by the editorials. My instincts were right on! Alessandra, informed us that she is looking to build her portfolio here in Melbourne. She had just come from a meeting with a photographer and stated that she was totally free to start shooting anytime. She instantly added LEVELUPMAGAZINE on FACEBOOK and confirmed her interest in modeling in a fashion editorial for us. 

Photography by James Juranke

When I got home, we found a message from Alessandra with photos from her most recent shoots. Seeing her portfolio on Facebook gave me a really clear idea on concepts we can aim for with her fashion editorial. I've already scouted out some really dope locations to shoot and will be waiting to complete the team with a few hair and makeup artists to contribute to the project. 

Stay tuned for ALESSANDRA AMÉLIA.