Connie Christodoulou is transforming faces all around Melbourne #MUA #FASHION


Transforming faces all around Melbourne.

As the search for a team of creatives for our Melbourne fashion shoot continues, we've found an amazing MUA within less than 24 hours who has connections with ALESSANDRA AMÉLIA. After speaking with Alessandra, she quickly connected her MUA Connie with us through facebook. 

Once I got home, I opened up my inbox and discovered a direct message from Connie saying she was down to collaborate with us on the upcoming project. I called Connie right away and could sense her enthusiasm and talents were undeniably raw. Having been an MUA for over seven years, her work is simply flawless and unique for each themed shoot she's done.

The before and after photos remind me of a sort of live photoshop that just takes each model's look from fresh face to edgy glam. 

We can't wait to see what amazing looks Connie will create for our shoot! Stay tuned.

- British Tracks | Editor in Chief