7 Point Pop Up Shop DeathxDesign @DjEarnMoney @DeathxDesign @iridium077

                                                                              Dj Earn Money 

                                                                             Dj Earn Money 

Tom Ford echoed throughout the walls of the fashion conscious epicenter, Iridium, as style and music lovers gathered to welcome a new member to the Death x Design family, the 7 Point Hat.  DXD creator DJ Earn Money hosted a gathering for clothing/music connoisseurs to sneak a peek at his newest addition to the brand.

Death x Design is a line birthed by DJ Earn Money.  The line could be described as urban grunge or possibly urban punk. Alongside the 7 point hat, DXD features t-shirts. Some reading, “You think you’re Beyonce,” and others bearing the brand’s name proudly.  

The 7 Point hat, coined as Earn Money’s “birth child," is a black cross between a fitted cap and five panel hat. The 7 point star lies atop a curved strip of leather, attractively lined gold. Perfect for this seasons trending styles.  Discard any idea of gangs or negative connotations to heptad stars. Earn Money has his own meaning of the star. Each point represents a different “point” -  life, death, mind, evil, wealth, good, and heart.  

                                                        Click here for  [footage] from the release shot and edited by Patrick McClanahan

The vibe of the Pop Up shop was definitely reflecting the sixth point, good. Each member of Chicago’s underground style club assembled to pour positivity into Earn Money and his brand. The 7 Point Hat will be available for purchase on Sunday, September 14.  Follow @DjEarnMoney or @DeathxDesign on Twitter for updates on the brand.

- Marissa Sallie, Fashion Intern