Daryn Alexus Chicago Class Featured Artist

Daryn Alexus is the summer artist you've been waiting for.

The teasers for her latest EP Green features her rich voice over a pop & R & B track that makes you want to walk downtown Chicago, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

This Washington D.C. native and Columbia College graduate does not disappoint. Since coming out onto the underground scene four years ago, Alexus has gained much acclaim and accolades.

A 2014 Redeye Rock n Vote finalist, Alexus has made a name for herself by singing with the fierceness that only a female musician could have. While still maintaining a fashionable and sexy appearance that you can't help but love, Alexus' tunes will not disappoint.

Alongside her promotional team Nick MGMT, Alexus showcases her unlimited talent with her massive vocal range, expert lyrical skill, and positive vibes that reach far beyond her music, capturing the heart of her fans.

You can expect her new project Green, which comes out in August this year to feature more of that R & B & pop mixture her fans have come to love and little more.

Catch up with her previous tracks on her Soundcloud and come see her this Saturday at our Chicago class edition party where she will be performing.

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IG: darynalexus