15 Minute Orgasms With Weed Lubricant

4/20 advocates and patients are not only receiving tremendous support for legalization, the marijuana fairies have granted them their very own THC infused lubricant. As crazy as it sounds, the medical marijuana lube FORIA promises to help their patients reach 15 minutes of organic, orgasmic pleasure: As described on foriapleasure.com

"The power of ancient plant medicine at your fingertips. Inspire healing and unlock pleasure with an all-natural sensual enhancement oil designed specifically for women. Foria is hand-crafted from the female flower of the marijuana plant - one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs in the world - using modern extraction techniques for optimal potency and purity."

The lube is vegan, all natural, and has only two ingredients: Medical Cannabis Oil, Liquid Coconut Oil (MCT).

Female medical marijuana patients residing in CA / CO only currently have access to purchase FORIA. Until then ladies, you'll have to envy the weed lube and just hope that one day you can experience your 15 minutes in heaven.

Foria Available now! www.4234cbd.com - Medical Marijuana Delivery / Shipping Foria is a first of its kind all natural sensual enhancement oil thoughtfully designed for women - a blend of nourishing liquid coconut oil and lab-tested cannabis oil from California-grown marijuana.