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Lucky Lu from Grand Total Films

 Above is the featured Lucky Lu CEO of Grand Total Films during on of the many projects he has been apart of

Above is the featured Lucky Lu CEO of Grand Total Films during on of the many projects he has been apart of

Sitting in Panera Bread as I slowly sip a frozen lemonade and snack on a Chipotle Panini, I was waiting for one of the newest video production companies to walk through the door. As I wrapped up my meal I looked up to see the CEO of the company Lucky. As he ordered his food and sat down to eat, I began to dig into the new sensation that is sweeping the Midwest region in film/video.

ME: I’m so glad you were able to come out, I really wanted to find out the history and what's making you catch on so fast?

Lucky:  Well, we specialize in video production, we have experience in everything from music videos, documentaries, events, commercials, and we are currently branching off into movies as well.

Me:  Ok so y’all are just the total package when it comes to production as a whole then right?

Lucky:  Yea we are, that is why we are called Grand Total Films. Because we basically make sure that it is a one stop shop for people who are looking for production services.

Me:  I am familiar with your work and I have to say that the quality of the content is some of the best work out here. Was videography always a passion of yours?

Lucky:  It’s funny that you ask that because this company grew from the love of music I have had since I was a child. Ever since I was a kid, I always was listening to music and constantly rocking with Nas and the great rappers of the 90s. Through them, I grew this never ending love for music in general and it made me want to pursue a career as an artist as well.

Me:  So are you an artist as well?

Lucky: Of course, I write and perform the material. I write and I push it to just tell my story growing up as a Chicago native.

Me:  So how does that tie into videography?

Lucky: Well, when I started making beats and producing -  the word spread to the underground artist that I was producing so overtime we ended up forming a label to support all the artist we were working with. Then, when we had their music ready I was looking for someone to film it. I got in contact with a videographer I could never get him to meet with us to do any kind of work. I just got sick of trying and bought the equipment myself and started to play around with it until something looked right.

 Me:   And that’s how this all started? That’s crazy that through what looked like to be an obstacle turned out to be a career.  

Lucky:   Yea, I never been one to let something stop me from doing anything I have my mind set at. And there really isn’t anything stopping me.

Me:  Everyone has to respect the hustle. So what is the latest project you are working on?

Lucky:  Well, as an artist I have a project entitled Streets and Avenues. And this really ventures into my transition from knowing how the streets work to operating a business in the corporate world. This was definitely a huge change for me and in my music I talk about the change because all of us are trying to make it to the next level.

Me:  Ahh, I see. So through Streets & Avenues you tied both worlds together. So in essence it is basically your journey while you bounce back between both worlds the streets being the hood or the way most of us was brought up to the avenues which is where you are currently headed with your production company.

Lucky:  Exactly, I know I'm not the only one experiencing the change but I do know that it is something that we all will encounter if we have that hustler's heart. I am a business man before anything but at the same time I am who I am and I appreciate where I am from. And even though the two worlds may look like exact opposites they actually have alot more in common. So through the project Streets & Avenues I want to bridge the gap.

Me:  That’s so true, so what about the company?

Lucky:   Currently, we are working on a movie, I can’t go into detail just yet but know that I will be releasing it in the upcoming months. Just know that as always Grand Total Films is on the come up when it comes to delivering the hottest product out there. All we ask is let’s support each other in our pursuit of whatever we want to do. As I always say its not time for us to just work. Its time to network.

 From right to left is stylist L.A. Live, Lana J from Just Say It, Lucky Lu of Grad Total Films and Rai of SunRai Consulting

From right to left is stylist L.A. Live, Lana J from Just Say It, Lucky Lu of Grad Total Films and Rai of SunRai Consulting

Grand Total Films Video Reel 2013-2014 contactinfo: Dir by J.Mason Grand Total Films grandtotalfilms@gmail.com

I can definitely say that this is one company and one CEO to look out for. Of course talk is cheap so I have attached video and contact so all of you can make sure your next music video, event, or commercial has the innovative camera shots and creative editing of Grand Total Films. Make sure you also support and get in tune with the new project Streets & Avenues featuring hit producers such as CMG Drumma Drama, also working with Chicago hitmaker Hearon Trackz, Chicago Loop, Dan Ryan (Traffic Jammers) just to name a few. To get in contact with Lucky or Grand Total Films be sure to follow them on all social media listed below.

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