#MustPressPlay: ILCAGO

Some know him as Steven Belton, but if you've been following the underground hip hop scene, then you've heard the name ILCAGO Music, synonymous with high-quality musical producing and original beats.

Besides getting exposure for his artists, Belton stays true to his fans by delivering wholeheartedly through his performances.

He is inspired by old school Kanye West, Master P, and the Neptunes, which he attributes to his throwback, 808 and Southern production style.

While this is his first mixtape Mozart, Belton features newer and more mainstream artists such as Dreezy and Mikey Dollars, showing off his passion to mix the different hip hop and rap flavors together.

Last December, he released his first beat tape which received attention from other rappers, turning them into future ILCAGO collaborators.

His latest single features King Louie and VAC'EA on the track ''Hakuna Matata,” but his favorite song off the new album is “Run up, Done up,” which hasn't been released yet.

Always professional, Belton explores all facets of urban culture: Art. Fashion. Music and his new clothing line that he plans to launch later this year.

Get used to seeing more ILCAGO and LEVEL-UP! MAGAZINE interactions as Belton joins our clientele. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @Ilcago_music and get more music updates at Ilcago.com.