Chicago's Upcoming R&B King @JaymalGreen

Aside from all the dope upcoming Chicago rapper we've been hearing about lately, there's something even better coming from a different side of town: Jaymal Green.19 year old Jaymal Green was born and raised in Englewood on the Southside of Chicago. R&B has always been his first true love. He loved listening to old R&B and would add his own twist to it. Jaymal was just 9 years old when he began writing, and he even wrote his very own song, "Tick Tock", which is a message on getting things done before time is up. So what's helped shape such an amazing artist? Thanks to his amazing mother who blessed his ears with music legends such as Michael Jackson, Usher, and Bobby Brown in the house, and for such a great father who gave him the best man-to-man advice; as well as the "Jaymal Queens," his personal fan base. It was just last year that Jaymal named himself an R&B vocalist and released a full R&B E.P entitled, "Tranced" in December.

I never wanted to be apart of the trends of music, so I looked to create my own R&B song and make it as original as I could get it.
— Jaymal Green

Check out his newest single, "Cake", ft. Jaymal Green and an amazing Atlanta R&B artist, Malachiae.

All of his music, new releases, and concert dates can be found on his website: Check out his soundcloud for his latest music.

Twitter: @JaymalGreen

Instagram: @JaymalGreen

Soundcloud: JaymalGeen