#Chicagoclass featured artist Jinx the Natural

Check out Jinx the Natural at our Chicago Class edition release party.

Jinx is a triple threat in the Hip Hop and rap underground scene. His background includes being a member of Higher Learning, a solo artist, and model.

In the interview, Jinx shows his eclectic personality while explaining his creative process behind his songs. Letting his emotions react to the beats, he manages to create some engaging music.

His set on the upstair level of Elee Mosynary Gallery featured AJ Peace and Black Ralphy'L turning up with the crowd. While his performance was the last of the night, it was also perhaps the most intimate.

His upbeat attitude, along with his trill lyrics got the crowd moving. Jinx and his crew danced with members of the audience, adding to the feel good vibe his music provided for the night.

He made jokes during the interview, constantly mentioning his other group Higher Learning. This Saint Louis artist attributes his inspiration from animation, probably referring to his expressive spiritual and vibrant style.

Jinx is a LeveL- UP! established artist and featured in on the cover of our Chicago class edition.

You can connect with Jinx through his Souncloud, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp profiles and get more information about him in the interview below.