Just Say It Reloaded - No Talking

To bring our endless discussion to a close we have numerous solutions to try and solve the remaining issue of making our streets safer for us to live the one and only Chicago lifestyle. In midst of the discussion a clothing line emerged from the hashtags, pushing their message through fashion. No Talking co-founder Steve Chatman was able to grant me an interview and shed his views on what they intend to do.

A cool Saturday afternoon as we sat across a snug table in a coffee shop I’m sipping a strawberry smoothie while he sips a Carmel Frappuccino we begin to dig into what No Talking means

No Talking

Me: ok Steve, what exactly does No Talking mean?

Steve: well, my brother and I basically was sick of people always talking change but never acting on it. So we basically was saying that instead of talking about it why not do something to change it. That’s where No Talking came from. You know how you know that one person who always says the same thing but doesn’t want to change it. That’s who it’s for.

Me: Yeah, I know a few of those. Always talking but never about any action. So when did you and your brother first feature the catchy phrase on a piece of clothing?

Steve: We first featured it in memory of our brother who fell victim to the streets. He was killed in August 2010 and at his funeral we made the shirts with the no talking slogan to commemorate him and provoke a change. Next thing we know people were in love with the concept and were asking us where we got the shirts from. And from there the company was born.

Me: Oh wow! So this was all by accident basically?

Steve: Yes we had no idea that we were about to embark on the No Talking journey was business owners. We self-taught ourselves with the industry and the operation of a business. We have taken huge risks but in the end it’s worth it.

Me: Ok so what position do you hold aside from being the co-founder?

Steve: I am the marketing king in the company. I constantly make sure that our brand in on social media and that people are getting the word out with the movement. The company has turned into a movement, especially with all the violence reoccurring in the city.

Me: the No Talking really has become a movement of its own. I definitely have to agree. Are you featured in any boutiques yet?

Steve: No currently everyone who orders a shirt is able to do so through our social media platforms. This allows us to make it personal and more custom for our customers. We are also not limited to the city. The No Talking message is worn in all 50 states because our cities issues are not isolated to just Chicago. Action is required everywhere you go.

Me: I love the fact that you guys are spreading the word as far as you can. That is definitely important especially for our generation. We are the young adults who are looking for change. But time after time we are the only ones who understand the struggle.

Steve: Our point exactly! We related to those who been through it just like us! That’s why we make sure that what we put out is consistently made out of good quality material but at a price that everyone can afford. A lot of times when a brand gets big they forget who supported them from the beginning which is bogus. That’s why we take what we do so serious.

After talking some more I found it motivating to speak with others within my generation that want to make a change. Just because previous generations didn’t get it right doesn’t mean we can’t. No Talking is more than a brand, it’s more than fashion. It’s a movement that gives us our own call to action. It provokes the generation that the world deems as lost a chance to take our future within our own hands and push all statistics aside. It makes me want to apply No Talking in all aspects of my life. Whether it be personal or business, education or entrepreneurship, or wearing a black or white dress to a party; it requires a change. A change that is long overdue but ours for the taking.

Be sure to follow the No Talking Movement on IG @NoTalkingMovementINC and support. If you want to order you can do so through notalkingcofounder@gmail.com

Until then