New Australian Model Laura Tate from Melboune Discovered By Mr.Tracks

Photography by Steph Doran

Photography by Steph Doran



Photography by Steph Doran

I didn’t know how to approach her at first, without her thinking that I’m some kind of weird freak. lol
— Mr. Tracks | CEO & Director of Photography

As I was riding the 109 tram towards Port Melbourne to meet with my wife/editor-in-Chief British Tracks, I saw the perfect side shot of this young lady that would be the perfect model to kick off our first fashion shoot here in Melbourne Australia.

From hearing all the stereotypes on how Australians see Americans as loud and with a big ego, I was a little bit nervous about how should I approach her without her thinking I'm some kind of weird freak. Thinking to myself, should I say something or not

So I went ahead with my instincts and waited for the right moment to ask her "Do you model". And she replied, "yes. I have done some modeling". 

Then I pulled out my iPad and showed her the LEVEL-UP! MAGAZINE App with some of my work and explained to her that she has a unique look. She completely understood that I was a individual in the arts who was looking to network in this new territory.

And in 5 days, Laura emailed us these photos from her past shoots stating that she would love to work with us. I immediately showed my wife and she loved her look then said, "You do have the eye and can't wait to see how this editorial comes out.

Stay turn for LAURA TATE - Mr. Tracks | CEO